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Lesson 1 - a mini tutorial on drawing from life by Xite91 Lesson 1 - a mini tutorial on drawing from life by Xite91
I know my tracing is terrible! That's one of the reasons i never do it!

Anyways, this is lesson 1 for my student in :iconthe-classroom:

It's kind of quick and doesn't get much into the actual how to draw of things, but i just wanted to start with the very basics of what you should know, and i'll get to the actual drawing part later.

Anyways, the first assignment is actually a 2 part.
1) go outside! Take a sketchbook and look at things, draw something you maybe wouldn't normally draw, and just figure out the shapes of it. You don't have to get detailed or anything, just see how the shapes work for that particular item. I would like to see at least 3 sketches for this part
2) Talk to google! Look at some pictures of muscles, skeletons and bodies and draw the shapes you see there. These can be of any animal (humans are animals too)! I would like to see at least 2 sketches for this part

As i'm going to be gone for about a week after today, i'd like to see these done within the next 2 weeks if you can, if you need more time that's absolutely fine, as i know you're also working on the assignment you got from the classroom itself (and that assignment should be completed first)! Just note me if you need an extension!

The references i used for this tutorial;

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November 5, 2012
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